Saturday, May 20, 2017

Plants for sale & Rodent damage recovery

These are some of the hazelnut plants for sale

The hazelnut on the left is a 3 year old plant for $15. The next two are 1 & 2 year old plants for $10. The 3 month seedling on the right is $5.

If you're interested in purchasing these or looking at a mature hazelnut plant, contact me at or call 701-361-8581.

This is another picture of a 3 yr, 2yr, & a 3 month seedling.

In this picture the 3 month old seedlings are on the right, and the 1 year old plants are on the left.

These are the 1 & 2 year old plants for sale.

The hazelnut plants here are 3 years old.

The next group of pictures are the plants recovering from rodent damage.

This plant was gnawed off about an inch above the soil line.

This plant was in about the same condition.

This one is in about the same shape as the others, but the ones that were chewed below the soil line are not looking as good:(

This is the recovery row of the plants that show some signs of life.

The new crop of 2017

Can you see the small cluster of hazelnut developing under the leaf.

Can you find the hazelnut cluster here?

This looks a little fuzzy but in this cluster there are 5 hazelnuts developing, and by the end of August we will have a crop ready for picking:)