Friday, July 31, 2015

Japanese beetle on hazelnut plants

While stopping near Minneapolis at my brother's house, we saw the damage that Japanese beetles can do to the hazelnuts. These hazelnuts are seedlings from Riverbend Hazelnuts planted a couple years ago.

Make sure to keep your eye out for these beetles. We don't want them in North Dakota! 

Japanese beetles can damage many plants including raspberries as well!

Here are some Japanese beetles happily munching away on not only the leaves, but the raspberry fruits as well.

Click below for more information on Japanese beetle. 

Heavy wind damage

The heavy hazelnut crop this year was decimated by the 50 mph winds that blew through this week

Of course it was the larger hazelnuts that fell off in the high winds. They aren't quite ripe yet. Still another couple weeks to go.
The wind broke off some whole branches with hazelnuts on.