Saturday, January 31, 2015

Processing the hazelnuts

Dan made a sorter to sort the hazelnuts by size so it's easier to run through the cracker.

The sorted hazelnuts.

 Dan using the drill operated cracker.

The cracked hazelnuts.

Dan constructed an aspirator that will separate the shells from the hazelnut meats. 

The nuts and shells get sucked up through the hose, and since the shells are lighter they get sucked all the way up, while the meats fall down in to the bottom.

The cleaned hazelnut "meats." Yum!

Fall Colors

The fall colors vary from green to gold to red.

Fall/Winter Update

I'm finally posting an update about our fall harvest! Hazelnuts started to be picked starting in mid to late-August and ending by mid-September. The ripening varies because of the wide variety of plants that are planted in our "test" orchard.

 Dan collecting hazelnuts

Each bunch is picked and put in a bag.

Drying out the freshly picked hazelnuts in their husks.

After they dry out in their husks, many of the nuts will fall out of the husks when they are dry.

 Bags and bags of hazelnuts were picked.

Drying out the hazelnuts

After the nuts are separated from the husk they are continued to be dried down in mesh bags for a couple more weeks.

Lots of nuts!