Thursday, February 11, 2016

A winter birds eye view from a drone

The drone pictures of the hazelnut orchard are taken by Bryce Johnson

The hazelnuts are located in 3 rows along the river by the spruce trees. We've had to fence off these due to beaver damage. If you look closely at one of the spruce trees it has almost no needles due to a needle cast disease. 

The older hazelnuts, which are over 10 feet tall, can be seen between the large ash trees, but there are over 50 smaller plants located in the open area to the left along the fence.

This area has just been cleared of dead elms, buckthorn, and other brush for a hazelnut planting this spring. You can also see Bryce in the red coat, who is controlling the drone. In the background is a fence made of elm trees, and in the center is a dead ash tree that was struck by lighting. This ash is an excellent perch for hungry hawks and eagles. Squirrels and rabbits beware!

On this picture the gate, fence, and grape trellis can be seen, but the hazelnuts here are over 15ft tall and have almost a single trunk.  The nuts from some these will be used for planting the next generation of hazelnuts, and we might have a better nut for North Dakota. 

The hazelnut in the left side of the picture is good tasting, heavy producing cultivar with one trunk. The next step is cloning these good cultivars.

In this sunset picture can you find Bryce by the ash tree?